House Washing Services Ankeny and Des Moines, IA

Before & After

house washing ankeny ia

Before with Mold Spots and Dirt

mold removal ankeny ia

Clean with no mold spots

Clean with no mold spots
power washing ankeny ia

Waterpower Solutions can clean your home top to bottom with various power washing techniques including soft washing, also known as low pressure cleaning to clean the delicate surfaces of your home like your siding. This picture illustrates a house that has mold covering the whole north side of the home. This mold can be killed and removed with proper soaps and cleaning products leaving your home clean and mold free, and safe for your family. Mold can be dangerous for your health especially for young children causing respiratory problems.

The biggest difference in our cleaning method and just blasting away with high pressure is our method actually kills the mold down at the source and doesn't spread the mold around where it will just start growing again.

Types of siding that can be cleaned with low pressure cleaning.

Vinyl siding, Metal siding, Brick, even wooden siding with products specially formulated for cleaning wood, followed by a wood brightener to really give the wood a clean fresh look in most cases it will look brand new.

exterior washing ankeny ia

Cleaning your homes exterior on a regular basis will save you thousands of dollars in the future by not having to replace your siding, windows, and gutters due to mold or mildew damage. You should have your house low pressure washed every couple years. I recommend having your home low pressure washed once a year to keep it mold, Mildew, Algae free. This also depends on where you live and the different surroundings your home has such as woods, or creeks or lakes close to home that can cause mold, mildew, algae to start growing a lot faster.

The best part about getting your home washed by waterpower solutions is having those windows that you could never reach washed and rinsed of at no extra charge!! leaving them clean and streak free.